Awnings and other shade structures made of fabric require specialty canvases that are known to be subjected to regular wear-and-tear factors, as well as damage caused by the elements and prolonged exposure to UV rays and direct sunlight. If you live in a sunny region all year long, you may also deal with mold and mildew issues, on top of the regular and almost unavoidable ripping and tearing. If it has been a while since you have last checked your awnings for damage or you are looking to learn if they require replacement, read on. We are going to reveal to you 5 of the most common and obvious signs that your fabric awnings may need replacement.


Sign #1: You Notice Tiny Tears In The Awnings

While they might not be visible from far away, small tears and rips become apparent up close and they should be fixed as soon as they are noticed. If you notice just a few small rips, you should normally be able to have them fixed easily and with no extra hassle. On the other hand, if you notice a great number of rips or they are large in size, you might need to consider awning fabric replacement.


Sign #2: You Notice Traces Of Mildew Or Mold

Provided you regularly clean your awnings, you may be able to keep mold and mildew under control, especially if you live in Florida or a similar area with high levels of humidity in the air all year long. If you are unable to personally eradicate the nasty and unsightly mold using over-the-counter cleaning products, you may want to consider investing in a brand new awning. A fabric awning covered in mildew and rot will not only look bad, but it will also cause potential risks on your health.

If it is time to replace your old awning, see that you opt for a professional product that can better withstand the elements and moisture.


Sign #3: You Notice Your Awnings Have Began To Fade

Lots of fabric awning for home or commercial uses are made of fabrics that tend to fade in time, when exposed to direct sunlight and powerful UV rays. An awning with a fading color or pattern is another obvious sign that it might be high time to start looking for a brand new shade structure. While some awnings do come with some sturdy fade-resistant features, these too will eventually start to worn out. Pay close attention to the aspect of the colors and patterns and consider taking before and after pictures if you rarely visit your vacation home or commercial establishment, so you can notice any small changes.


Sign #4: The Awning’s Tension is Loose

If you notice the tension or the shade structure is loose and seems less sturdy or properly balanced, you should also probably start working on a budget for a new awning. Keep in mind that, at times, it may be possible to replace some parts of your awning. An expert awning and metal work service like Lux Awnings should immediately and accurately assess your current canopies and let you know if repairs or upgrades are possible or if it is time to start looking into some brand new options.


Sign #5: The Frames Are Broken

Broken or damaged frames and other types of structural issues are also more likely going to lead t the need to buy new fabric awnings. Since the frames on your awning are the primary structural basis that maintain the structure working effectively, they must be maintained with constant and regular upkeep. If this is not the case for your awnings, and the frames are damaged beyond repair, give us a call and let un introduce you to our top-tier and affordable products.