When we first set up our business more than two decades ago, our goal was to become an industry leader that would successfully cater to the needs of the local community while providing unparalleled customer service. Two decades later, Lux Awnings & Metal continues the deeply-rooted company tradition while committing to each and every one of our goals, core values and policies. This is one of the main reasons why our products are some of the sturdiest, most reliable and attractive you will currently find on the market.

We only rely on top-tier CAD programs and various other design solutions that enable all of our customers to know exactly what their future awnings are going to look like even before they are delivered and installed at their address. We also make full use of automated cutting machines that let us be more precise than ever, while offering the highest quality products you could expect from an awnings manufacturer.

All of the technicians we work with are fully licensed, insured and/or bonded and they work in a completely safe and drug-free establishment. Check out one of our manufacturing locations and see for yourself the high levels of quality that goes into every one of the products we are currently selling. We specialize in the entire array of awnings services and products, ranging from large awning structures to metal canopies, fixed awnings, fabric awnings, motorized awnings and screens, tension sail structures, retractable roof systems, cabanas, gates, railings and more.

With a huge manufacturing area and one of the most advanced service fleets in the area, we have the right know-how and manpower needed to cater to your every need. We offer top solutions for home and commercial clients looking for the most reliable cost-effective solutions. Give us a call now or send us an email and let us how you why we are the number one awnings, custom shade and metal work providers in town!

Benefits – Why Work With Us

Lux Awnings & Metal specialize in creating modern, sophisticated, efficient and convenient outdoor systems that are meant to boost your comfort no matter what the weather conditions are. We strive to create the most pleasing outdoor experiences for both residential and commercial users during all seasons. For this, we manufacture and sell the highest-quality awnings that can be used for aesthetic reasons, to make homes and commercial establishments more appealing, advertise various businesses or provide proper shelter from bad weather and even keep energy costs at bay and under control.

With lots of years of experience under out belt and thousands of satisfied customers who have
have fully enjoyed our work and recommended it to others, we are your go-to awning manufacturer and provider in town.

Working with us means enjoying the highest levels of work quality and customer service, top products that are reliable, appealing and fully functional and some of the most affordable awning prices in the industry. We work up close and personal with each and every client that gets in touch with us and we struggle to get an in-depth understanding of what they need so we can meet and exceed their expectations every time.
Our priorities are high quality products and unparalleled customer support, and take great pride in the services we provide every time.

We are fully trained and eager to make sure that you are always going to enjoy the most relaxing and comfortable outdoor experience with our lifetime products and top customer support services. All of our outdoor systems are manufactured by leaders in the industry and we guarantee you are going to benefit from top retractable fabric and metal awnings every time. All of our products can either be used individually in their standard form or they can be designed by following any special client requests and custom requirements.

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