Who doesn’t like to sit in the outdoors during cooling summer evenings or spring mornings and take all nature’s glory in? Custom-made cabanas and gazebos are excellent solutions for poolside areas, as well as gardens and even exterior gyms or dining patios. A canvas cabana that features a contemporary or a classic style will add a lot more curb appear to the exterior of your house or commercial establishment. No matter if you need a cabana built for your hotel or restaurant or you are looking for a home cabana solution, we are here to assist you. Give us a call, let us know what you need from us and we will make sure to provide you with all the details, estimates and practical assistance you will need.

Custom Cabana Manufacturing

A custom cabana is a clever way of adding some extra usable square footage to a residence without investing a lot of money and resources in it. These cabanas are gorgeous to look at and they can truly add more curb appeal to any dwelling or commercial property. They are also extremely comfortable to sit in and they come with some of the most satisfying guarantees in the industry. If you are looking to have a brand new custom canvas cabana built in your back yard or for your restaurant or hotel needs, give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist you and help you see your dream come true.


Poolside/Outdoor Manufacturing

If you own a pool, whether at home, at the hotel or the spa you are managing or in a different commercial location, an outdoor or poolside cabana is the perfect addition to create the most relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. These cabanas can either be used individually, as standalone entities or they can be used as a group in rows or similar patterns places on beach fronts, terraces or pool decks. The outdoor cabanas are suitable for all types of climates and they can withstand powerful winds and bad weather conditions. They are also sturdier compared to other alternatives when it comes to the regular wear and tear factor and they are excellent for your guests and pool attendants.


Beach Huts (Amenities Cabanas)

A poolside amenity cabana or a beachside cabana will offer your guests the protection and relaxation they are seeking. Add all the items they might need to spend an enjoyable afternoon in the sun and help you beach or pool resort set its head out of the crowd. You could opt for a fully customized amenities cabana or a standard patio towel cabana hut, depending on your exact needs and expectations.


Oasis Resort Cabanas

These cabana models are extremely sophisticated in terms of styling and we can design and manufacture the most appealing models for you. Get in touch with us and let us know if you need an oasis resort cabana for your current hotel or resort or an upcoming project ans we will make sure to work our magic into creating an elegant establishment. You will get to use these cabanas on their own or in groups and create the most intimate areas. We can paint your cabana using the most pleasing colors and shades and use the fabrics fo your choice for perfect results. No matter if you live somewhere with a windy or sunny climate all year long, we can assist you with your exact needs, while fully complying with all the building codes in the state.


Spa Cabana Manufacturing

If you are aiming for unparalleled comfort and luxurious and stylish details, a spa cabana is just the right type of addition you need. You can use it around your spa, terrance, pool or beach area and resort and keep your guests happy, comfortable and eager to come back for more. You can also have a spa cabana built around your home and enjoy pleasant evenings there. Definitely an investment worth considering, given how much money you can expect to save on your regular spa appointments.


Massage Cabana Manufacturing

A massage cabana can be found in a variety of styles and sizes. We cover all known standard sizes and we can help you make your decision depending on the number of tables you would like to include in the cabana and the rest of the accessories in it. We can also create a custom massage cabana based on your particular requirements and make sure it can withstand all types of harsh climates as well as wind zones. The regular wear-and-tar factor that is associated with the use of these cabins by your personnel will be postponed with the help of the sturdy structure of these cabanas.


Affordable Cabana Prices

No matter which of our cabanas you would like to invest in, we can provide you free price estimates that will incur zero obligations, as well as small, affordable cabana manufacturing prices that will keep your expenses at a low while providing you with unparalleled customer support and top tier products every time.


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