Lux Awnings & Metal Work specializes in manufacturing custom awning covers and canopy structures for any line of work and industry. We have strong bonds with the most reliable, talented, skilled and experienced companies around the globe and we can assist you with any need. Whether you need assistance with your residential or commercial awning, you are a defense contractor, you manage a test laboratory pr you are running a small car shop in town, our experts can experts can manufacture any type of cover, structure or shade you may need help with. Get int ouch with us now, let us know exactly what your requirements are and we will do our best to tackle them for you in the shortest time possible.


We Use Advanced AutoCAD Software

To ensure all design and manufacturing jobs run smoothly 24/7, we are trained to use the most advanced AutoCAD programs for the most satisfying results for every job. We can cut and create the most sophisticated CNC patterns and we specialize in air as well as hot wedge welding. We can seal your RF bars and handle any problem you might be having with your pneumatic sewing. In other words, we cover type of custom metal fabrication need you might have. We work fast, accurate and affordable and we can help you complete your upcoming project in no time.

We can assist you with advanced fabric tiles that can withstand fire, as well as covers for toolboxes and even covers for turbine inlets. Pick up the phone and get in touch with our friendly and well-trained customer support team to learn more about our custom metal fabrication services.


Wholesale Custom Cover Fabrication

We use the highest quality heavy-duty fabrics such as vinyl or nickel and we allow you to make your pick from hundreds of available colors and shades. No matter if you are on the look for some home plate covers or you need to protect the perimeter around your office building with a nickel plated grommet made of brass, we are the people for the job. We cover all private sector clients, as well as military bases and even government bodies. We handle custom cover making jobs for trucks and small vehicles, motorcycles, wood pile or camping needs, as well as lawn movers, boats and any other type of a problem you might need a solution to.

Our experienced, authorized and insured and/or bonded technicians can assist you with any shape, measurement and complex problem you might need help with. We have serviced thousands of satisfied customers over the years and we have the best manpower and know-how needed to handle any type of custom metal fabrication need.


Affordable Custom Metal Fabrication Prices

We do not only guarantee your satisfaction with any custom metal manufacturing job you might hire us to do, but we also work fast and efficient and we can provide you with free price estimates and the most competitive prices in the industry. Call now and let us know exactly what kind of custom metal manufacturing job you need help


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