Fixed Awnings

If you are searching for secure, stable and fully functional awnings that are excellent for business storefronts or residential buildings, a fixed awning might be just what you need. While this non-retractable awning model might not be everybody’s cup of tea, it does come with a series of advantages. The rigid frames and its increased robustness turn into into a highly sturdy option that is well-suitable for people living or running their business in areas with a harsher climate.

You could opt for standard or traditional styles of canopy awnings or polycarbonate awnings that feature special polycarbonate sheets that are tied to aluminum frames.

Why Do You Need A Fixed Awning?


Investing in such a fixed, non-retractable awning means being able to enjoy cooler temperatures inside the house in the summer while saving up to 25% electricity on your A/C consumption. Plus, such an awning will offer you expanded protection for floors, carpets and furniture pieces by keeping the harmful light from the sun away from these items. Fixed awnings will also enable you to enjoy your gorgeous front or backyard window view without having to actually shut out the view.

Fixed awnings are also excellent for eco-friendly people who re looking for some more sustainable ways of cooling their homes or stores during scorching summer days. Plus, you can enjoy more privacy and a good shelter for the kids and pets, away from the sun and the excessive hit. Awnings will definitely add more value to your home, so if you plan on putting it out on the market, you will also get to enjoy this particular benefit as well.


Affordable Fixed Awnings At Lux Awnings & Metal

We specialize in all types, models, patterns and colors of fixed awnings and we can provide you with the most affordable fixed awning installation prices in the industry. Get in touch with us, let us know exactly what you need help with and we will make sure to assist you with all your requests at the most affordable prices and quality work, all at fast speeds and with the help of the most experienced technicians in town. We only work with fully licensed and insured and/or bonded awning installers and manufacturers that will design and fit the perfect products to fit your exact needs.

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