Metal Canopy

Metal canopies or metal awnings are an excellent solution for when looking to protect against the elements such as direct sunlight, heavy rainfall and snow and the lost goes on. We plan, design, build and sell the most reliable aluminum canopies that will last for many yers to come thanks to the sturdy materials they are made of, including heavy-duty mill finishes for frameworks made of aluminum.

We only work with fabrics of the highest quality and we continuously upgrade our procedures and know-how. This guarantees you will always benefit from the highest quality services and products with us. Our unparalleled customer support team will work closely with you in an attempt to predict your needs and make sure to exceed your expectations by running that extra mile for you. The thousands of satisfied clients that we have served over the years and our long experience in the field should recommend us as your go-to people for the job.

Metal Canopy Products We Can Provide

We can assist you with canopies that feature full aluminum bodies that are welded so you can enjoy much lighter products and haze zero problems with any structural rust. We can also provide you with complete painting services for your metal canopies and awnings post manufacturing, for full water tightness effects.

Provided you live somewhere with a harsh climate with powerful winds and hurricanes or tornadoes, these metal structures are definitely a good addition to your home and at the same time a reliable solution that can withstand severe weather conditions all year long.

We can manufacture your ideal metal canopy or metal awning, closely following your exact instructions and making sure that they meet all of your specifications. We are so satisfied and content with the products that we provide you with that we will assist you with a prolonged 10 year guarantee for the post-manufacturing paint job, as well as a 15 year structural warranty.

Sturdy Unsupported Metal Canopies

No matter if you are looking for unsupported metal canopies for some extra shade or additional protection against bad weather, our metal canopy alternatives will provide you with just what you need. Expect powerful and sturdy mounting surfaces thanks to the lack of supportive arms, which is usually the case of flat metal canopies. Talk to us and let us know exactly what kind of a canopy you would like to use for your home or commercial needs and we will make sure to accurately design the right structures for you. We provide fully customizable services with the help of fascia as well as soffit solutions, so you can rest assured that you are going to benefit from the best products possible that will perfectly match your needs.

Our trained and experienced technician will always carefully measure the area that will benefit from the use of the canopy, especially when talking about unsupported metal canopies. They will also pay close attention to any specific limitations in terms of width, as well as the projection. For example, the maximum dimensions of a canopy should not exceed 20’ wide by 4’ projection. Nonetheless, we can also cover a wider space with multiple units while placing them one next to another.


Top Hanger Rod Canopies And Awnings

Hanger rod awnings are top products that provide an excellent and at the same time one of a kind architectural design suitable for most residential and commercial buildings. These units are manufactured by respecting some strict rules and details to make sure the design perfectly matches the top finishes. In terms of structure, these units can either be welded or bolted, made of aluminum and covering the majority of an area with the help of special supports placed at the corners. In turn, this will enable the canopy to gain an open feel that lets the air in creates a suitable atmosphere for spending a relaxing evening out in the summer.

Our top hanger rod canopies also come with enhanced UV protection thanks to the high strength shade fabrics they are made of. Our aluminum trellis are extremely sturdy and they are considered superior to other similar designs.

We can put your custom design ideas into practice with zero hassle thanks to our skilled and experienced architects. We cover anything from square and circle or company logo designs. It all depends on you and the particular ideas you have in mind.

We also use polyester powers for painting purposes, striving to fully comply with the official AAMA 2604 coating requirements. We are also prepared to provide you with more coating options, as well as enhanced qualifications.


Affordable Metal Canopy Prices

No matter if you are looking for aluminum trellies, top hanger rod or unsupported metal canopies, we can provide you with top solutions that are not only flawless, fast, but also affordable. We charge some of the smallest and most competitive prices in the industry and can provide you with affordable rates and estimates over the phone, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

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