Motorized Awnings & Screens

If you are looking for some sturdy and reliable fabric roll screens that respect your customer measurements and in terms of color and design, you have reached the right page. Motorized awnings and screens will allow you to enjoy complete freedom in terms of shadow manipulation. Plus, thanks to the fact that we can use any type of marine grade fabric for you awning will make your choices even richer and more convenient.

Screens That Are Driven By Gear

Gear driven screens are, by far, the sturdiest types of screen systems that rely on special roller tubes that are responsible for rolling the fabric on a track in order to manage the screen during deployment as well as retrieval. With the help of a crank, the rollers can either be manually driven or the action can be fully automated and motorized. While the roller is on the move, the entire weight bar as well as the fabric will be held in place by either the cable system or the track. This way, the rolling procedure will be 100% safe no matter what harsh weather conditions you might be dealing with. A guided roller screen is normally the sturdiest of all known types of curtain systems and it should be made use of when you need to make sure that you will be using a powerful mechanism for your screens.


Side Retention Screens

These are the only retractable products that can offer a complete bug-free barrier. Normally, they are motorized screens that use enclosed fabric roller tubes as well as side tracks to maintain the area free of pesky bugs as well as exposure to powerful and harmful UV sun rays. The side tracks, fabric housings and weight bars are made of sturdy aluminum that has been painted. If you wish, you could also choose to add some clear inserts made of vinyl so you can enjoy an even more convenient area that is climate-controllable. These options are more expensive than their counterparts; however, they are top-quality screens that can withstand bad weather and the elements, as well as nasty insects. Use proper maintenance for them and you should make full use of them in the following decade and beyond.


Rope Pull Screens

On the opposite end, rope pull screens are some of the most affordable as well as the most widely spread and used types of screen thanks to the simplicity of their design. They can be easily deployed and retrieved with a simple pull of ropes. The ropes are located across the curtains and hey are normally locked with the help of a single/double cleat that helps them keep their height in any position up or down. The fact that ropes are used to drive the system enables us to manufacture large-size screens while manipulation can be effectively handled by just one person. If you are more interested in an aesthetically pleasing screen or awning, you may want to think twice about investing in such a system, as the ropes tend to make it less appealing compared to other solutions.


Hand Roll Screens

A hand roll screen is a curtain made of fabric that can be rolled up manually. The simple and intuitive design also helps this model be the most affordable one in the industry. The system will prevent the curtains from chaotically blowing around while retrieving and deploying them. When the screen is rolled up, it will be held in place by straps or lashings. While the small price might sound appealing to you, keep in mind this particular system does come with a few obvious disadvantages. They require more physical efforts and they are also less sturdy. During extreme weather condition, fabric curtains may not be the best solution.


Fabric Curtains

Any shade fabric, vinyl or acrylic can be used to manufacture a great number of curtain systems. They work great at offering protection against a number of elements and they can also be used with clear vinyl inserts at the center. They can also be used together with mesh screens.

If you are looking for some enhanced protection against UV rays, tinted glass may partially help in this endeavor. However, our team of experts recommends you to use Clear Vinyl Insert Screens as they work great at keeping powerful wind and rain away. Also, if you are looking for a clever way of keeping cool or heat in a certain area, you will also find fabric curtains suitable for you.

If you live in an area with sunny days all year round and your main concern is to seek more protection against the sun, a mesh fabric is the ideal solution. It can stop up to 98% of all the sun rays while letting you breathe easily.


Affordable Motorized Awnings & Screens Prices

If you are looking for the most reliable, complex and affordable motorized awnings and screens for your home or business, we can provide you with the most affordable prices in the industry. Get in touch with our customer support service and inquire about any other details you may still need answers to and we will be more than happy to help you make the best choice.

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