Replacement Fabric For Awnings

Are you planning on changing the name of your current coffee shop? Do you need to rebrand your business or upgrade the aesthetics on your home? Naturally, your awnings will also need to go through some changes. If you are looking for some quick and affordable solutions for our old, broken, dull or worn-out awnings, we have got you covered. The Lux Awnings & Metal Work team specializes in replacement fabrics for all types of fabric awnings at affordable prices and top quality. We work fast and accurate and we guarantee to follow your strict requirements and cater to your exact awning replacement needs every time. We can complete the replacement without changing the frame, which should save you precious time and money. Call now and place your order with us and start enjoying your replacement fabric awnings in no time!


Choose From Our Rich Array Of Replacement Fabric Awnings

Let us freshen up the look of your awnings and make them look brand new once again, minus the investment. We are ready to cater to your most complex requirements with the help of a rich selection of colors and shades, patterns and models on your liking. Choose from our wide selection of UV-protective awnings or use our best solutions in terms of for water and mildew resistant awnings. Need extra shade in the summer so you can protect yourself, kids or clients from the scorching hit and the harmful UV rays? We can provide you with a higher degree of shade protection that should satisfy your exact needs. Give us a call so we can further discuss all the details with you and set up all the details for your custom order, to ensure everything will be on your liking.

We also specialize in manufacturing and selling fabric awnings that are flame retardant, which means they are capable of successfully meeting all code requirements for various types of buildings. Without a doubt, you should be able to come across the ideal solution for your particular needs with us, given the large selection of fabrics we work with regularly. We can provide you with sturdy awnings that should last for years, so make sure you pick the right awnings you will want to enjoy for many years to come.


Save Money With Us

We do not only offer some of the most affordable replacement fabric awnings, but we can also help you save more money by having you partially pay the price of replacement, instead of the full costs.
As long as the awning’s frame is still in good shape and working fine, there is no reason why you should also have it replaced. This way, recovering it and re-using it together with some few fabric awnings would be the ideal solution.

We only manufacture and sell outdoor awning fabrics that offer excellent results in the outdoors. They can keep their design for a longer time, and the long warranties we offer on them are proof of that. Lux Awnings & Metal Work also specializes in selling the most vivid colors and shades and we can help you completely refresh the look of your old business or home awnings with a minimum investment.

Most people think about having their old awnings replaced after painting the exterior of their hoe or commercial establishment. Some prefer to simply change the inferior cover on a standard frame on a canopy, while others might want a complete change of look. Whatever might be pushing you to consider replacing your fabric awnings, feel free to make your pick on our site and get ready to enjoy premium-quality, custom-made awning fabric replacements.

No matter if you just need a change in the deign of your exterior walls or your canopy or awning has been severely affected by the elements, extreme heat, powerful winds or heavy rainfall, we can lend you the hand you need. An awning that can be effectively recovered at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Make sure you first consider this option before you start your search for a new one.

Also, wear and tear can do a number on any fabric awning over the years. Allow us to complete the right measurements and custom-make any canopy or awning fabric you might need by closely following all of your specifications. We can add new fabric when needed and make your old and dull awning look and feel brand new, functionally and aesthetically. We also handle replacement jobs for faded awnings that are retractable and we can keep the costs at a minimum. Our exerts use high-quality mesh or acrylic fabrics which will allow them to create a completely new look for your torn up awnings.


Affordable Replacement For Fabric Awnings Prices

Whether the pest control service has damaged your awnings or improper maintenance has caused it to lose its charm and functionality, allow us to keep the damage to a minimum with our affordable replacement for awnings service. We can give you a free estimate over the phone and work out all the details for you. Allow us to inspect your old frames free of charge and let you know exactly what we can do for you.

Call now (305) 704-7871 and schedule an appointment with us and let us start working at your replacement fabric awnings!


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