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Top-Quality Metal Railings

We cover all the needed fittings so you can rest assured that you are going to be able to use your metal railing as soon as we are going to be done delivering and installing it for you. All of our custom products are dipped in phosphate for optimum results, followed by the powder coating stage that can beef up the railing’s protection against corrosion. For best effects, we recommend the use of regular gloss paint coats.

No matter if you need a 95mm distance between the rails or a different measurement, we are here to cater to your exact needs. Your wall and house or commercial establishment could be looking more attractive than ever with the help of our gorgeous metal railings. No matter if you would like to build a small wall around the front of your home and top it with some reliable wrought iron railings or you need a more complex railing solution for your commercial space, we have got you covered. You will find the most pleasing designs and sturdiest metal fittings that will make a huge difference.
Structural steel is the sturdiest and most popular fabric that metal railings are made of. Metal is best used for both residential and commercial clients thanks to its features and simple maintenance requirements. A railing made of metal is also capable of significantly improving the aesthetic design of any establishment, no matter if it is used on a fence or for manufacturing a handrail. Compared to wooden railings or rails made of glass or PVC, metal railings have a few obvious advantages. For starters, they can improve productivity in terms of construction work. They can also keep higher levels of construction tolerance and they can provide you with the desired look, be it a fresh, classical, clean, modern or stylish one. Railings can considerably beautify the aesthetics of any space while at the same time beefing up its security levels.

The Lux metal railings we can provide you with can successfully stand the test of time, as well as the wear and tear effects of regular, daily and repetitive use and even the most extreme weather conditions. The robustness of metal railings helps them hold in the ground and lots of home and business owners responsible for managing parks, for example, prefer our products thanks to the intricate designs that also provide a lot of protection.

Cost-Efficient Metal Railings At Good Railing Prices

As opposed to what you might think, if you haze zero experience working with metal railing, is the fact that they are more affordable than you might imagine. In fact, a fully customized metal railing is not very expensive to design and manufacture, hence the final price you will pay should not go through the roof. Adding some upkeep and repair costs may cause the price to go up a little, but that is mainly when the railings were improperly installed of manufactured. Working with a professional service in the industry should completely eliminate this problem. The Lux Awnings & Metal Work company is a leader in town. If you are looking for someone who can easily and effortlessly build your metal railings for you at good prices, we are here to assist you. A well designed and fitted metal railing normally has minimum upkeep requirements and repair costs and this will prove to be extremely helpful in the long run.

If you are ready to add a sleeker look to your home or commercial surroundings and you also need more curb appeal and extra protection for your property, give us a call now. Take a look at the variety of railing models we have prepared for you or let us build the perfect customizable railings


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