Tension Sail Structures

Tension sail structures used as shade sails can be installed by themselves or as part of a multiple sail that covers a larger area. If all depends on the area you wish to cover in shade throughout the year, as well as the points you can use to attach the sail to. If you are not sure what type of sails you need for your particular needs, get in touch with us. We are experts in tension sail structures and we can provide you with all the necessary information to place your order with us and start enjoying your products as soon as possible.

We work fast and affordable and we can provide you with larger sails that go over the standards measurements you will usually find on the market, if you may need such an alternative. No matter how peculiar, complex or simple your request, we can assist you with it in a timely and professional manner. We guarantee your satisfaction every for every job; all of our technicians are experts in their line of work, they have been carefully trained, tested and they are authorized and licensed and/or bonded to work. Get in touch with us now and find out why we are the number one awnings, metal and tension sail structure manufacturer in the area.

Different Types Of Tension Sail Structures To Choose From

Tension structures can either be made from a tensioned fabric or a pliable wire or cable material that ensures the necessary support from a structural standpoint. With a more and more obvious tendency to turn to more sustainable fabrics and construction materials currently part of the trends, fabric structures seem to be making their way into the spotlight. The same can be said about fabric architecture and structures. These are excellent thanks to their ability to cut the use of materials whole offering the best experiences to users. Since they have a smaller mass compared to other materials, and especially when considering the load they are applied to, they are more optimized and efficient than their counterparts.

Our professional fabric tension structures can cover areas that are extremely large in size, while we charge a small fraction of the costs of standard building solutions you are used to.

Given the impressive number of choices in terms of fabrics, tension structures are also incredibly flexible and they can provide you with enhanced protection against bad weather or UV rays or offer the shade you are looking for. Vinyl fabrics can provide up to 99 percent protection against UV rays, while mesh fabrics that are woven can control up to 93 percent of these rays with harmful effects on the skin. We are certain that you will have no issue coming across just the right type of fabric to match your exact needs and budged size. We have catered to the needs of thousands of satisfied customers over the years and we provide you with expert machinery and advanced technology that will guarantee spectacular results every time.


Affordable Tension Sail Structures

Call our efficient customer support team, let us know what kind of tension sail structures you need from us, answer a few of our questions and we will be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation price estimate. We charge some of the most affordable and competitive tension sail structures in town and we warmly invite you to test our work and safe precious time and money with us.

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