John R.
 I needed a fabric owning replacement for my old and damaged owning that had a lot to suffer during the last tornado in town. I was delighted to discover small prices and the friendliest customer support team ever. I plan on replacing the old fabric owning at my parents' house in a few months. 5 out of 5, stellar service! 
Sarah P.
 I was looking for some fixed shade structures for my pool area at home and I couldn't decide on the right model and size. They helped me make the right pick and quickly finished the manufacturing. I can finally sit outside near the pool in the summer and not melt away in the scorching heat. Thanks, guys! 
James H.
 I was looking for some replacement awnings for my worn-out awnings at the restaurant. We have rebranded the business and we were looking for fresh outdoor aesthetics too. These guys were real life-savers, cheap and fast! Will use again for sure! 
Roland N.
 They are real pros, I love what they did for my new restaurant awning, the finishes are great and I managed to save money. Would definitely recommend! 
Simon F.
 I wasn't sure what kind of metal gate I needed for my hotel, but we had a few break-in attempts om the property and we desperately needed to beef up security. These guys were a real life-saver! They managed to recommend us the best solution and we ended u with a high quality security gate that helps our guest and personnel feel a lot safer.