If you are worried about how to keep your fabric shade structures clean and working well in the long term, you should learn a few useful cleaning tips from our experts. Having been in the industry for many years, we know just the right damage-free solutions for the perfect washing procedure.

We know the mere thought of having to wash your fabric shade structures is a daunting one, to say the least. If you have never done it before, chances are you are going to need all the guidance you can find. For a simplified process, follow these next few tips.


1. Maintenance Is Essential

The cleaning will be a lot easier provided the amount of dirt, debris or staining is limited. This can be achieved with the help of regular maintenance and upkeep work. We are talking about regular tree and shrub trimming to prevent fallen leaves from ruining the colors. Also, when water gets collected or direct sunlight is permanently affecting the structure, more damage is to be expected. Always get rid of any fresh rain water as soon as you can and try to prevent sunscreen or various sprays against bugs from reaching the surface of the awnings. Rust and paint stains should also be tackled as soon as they are noticed, for simpler upkeep work. A rusty frame will also eventually affect the state of a fabric awning, so be sure to keep rust away from the frame as much as possible.


2. Instructions For Washing you Fabric Awnings

• If you own an awning made of polyester or vinyl, you could begin the cleaning by accurately sweeping all traces of dirt and debris, dust and dead bugs or leaves that may have reached the surface of the awning. Make sure you rely on a soft brush for this, or else you will risk scratching the fabric and causing more harm than good.

• Use a water hose and get the fabric wet enough so you can easily apply a limited amount of dish soap mixed with water. We recommend about a quarter cup of soap mixed with one water gallon. If you notice some heavy staining, mildew traces and mold spots on the fabric, you could also use bleach in the mix. Pour the mix over the awning and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes.

• Next, rinse the mix off and use gentle scrubbing moves, if needed. Do not make any harsh moves or you will most likely cause irreparable damage to the awning’s fabric.

• At times, you may need to use a powerful water hose to get rid of stubborn stains and deeply embedded dirt in the fibers. Also, dirt could build up in times, especially if you have never cleaned your awnings before since you’ve purchased them.

Keep in mind it might be necessary to remove the awning in order to clean it. If this is the case, see that you do not damage it even more by scratching in on the sidewalk and any rough surfaces it might touch. If you own an acrylic awning, you can simply proceed to clean it while still on the frame. It is also possible to dry clean such a structure. Just make sure to use the water repellent treatment as soon as you are done cleaning it. Since they are made of woven fabrics, these shade structures should be cleaned more often than other models. Acrylic awnings are more sensitive to the heat and you should never try to use steam cleaning or machine drying solutions on them.

For more details on how to clean our awnings or how to choose new products for your home or commercial needs, get in touch with Lux Awnings Metal Work today!